Seccia 0.1

Sylvain Seccia
5.8 MB
Operating System
Windows All

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Seccia 0.1

Seccia is a development software with a new powerful object-oriented programming assisted. This software is distributed as FREEWARE. We can’t answer questions of release dates at this stage. We want to give you enough that you will understand its revolutionary nature, as much as its ability to compete with the big names of visual programming. In a few words:

    * A full Object-Oriented Programming with Inheritance and Polymorphism.
    * Two modes: assisted programming for novices and a multi-tab auto-complete editor with syntax coloring and checking.
    * A completely new architecture, liberated from the tyranny of MFCs. Everything is being rewritten from the ground up.
    * Much more powerful integrated objects (e.g. a Relational Database object, network and web enabled, possibly with a MySQL bridge at a later date).
    * Alpha transparency in all its glory: true transparency, unlimited irregular windows. An integrated graphics engine unparalleled amongst our competitors.
    * 3D integration with DirectX.
    * C++ and above all Seccia extensions, which become objects in their own right.

Seccia is yours and you can help us to make it a sensational breakthrough product with your suggestions.


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