SecureBridge is a library of nonvisual components for Delphi, Delphi for .NET, and C++Builder designed to protect connections between computers and trusted networks against unauthorized access.

SecureBridge can protect any TCP traffic using SSH or SSL. SSH and SSL are secure transport layer protocols that provide authentication for both client and server, strong encryption, and data integrity verification. SecureBridge can be used in conjunction with data access components to prevent data interception or modification in an untrusted network.

It is very convenient in setup and usage. It is enough to place several components on the form and specify the server address and the user login information to establish a secure connection. Applications that have to work with secure information are easy to deploy, as they do not require any external files.

SecureBridge SSH client, which is implemented in the TScSSHClient component, can work with different SSH servers like OpenSSH, WinSSHD. It allows you to achieve high performance due to connection parameters management. SSH client unites several unprotected channels from client to server in one protected connection. Logical channels can exist in different threads.

High-performance SSH server with wide abilities for connection setup and users management. SSH server works with different types of SSH clients such as OpenSSH, PuTTY etc. Number of the clients connected simultaneously is limited only by system resources.

SecureBridge supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, which is one of the most reliable protocols for data encryption along with SSH. SSL is a widely used protocol for ensuring safety of financial operations in Internet. Any Internet-resource that deals with money, protects its operations with SSL.


  • Robust protection against diverse crypto attacks
  • High performance
  • Support for SSH2
  • Support for SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0
  • Support for all versions of the SFTP protocol
  • Does not require external modules
  • Fast and customizable SSH server and SSH client
  • Handy in use SSL client
  • Storages for users, keys, and certificates
  • Integration with Indy, MyDAC, and PgDAC
  • Support for most SSH clients and servers
  • Support for most SSL servers
  • System certificate storages support
  • Compatible with any TCP application
  • Remote commands execution via SSH
  • Convenient maintenance of asymmetric keys
  • High quality random number generator


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