Shell MegaPack.Net 2010 Build 601311

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Shell MegaPack.Net

Shell MegaPack.Net will recreate the entire Windows Explorer file and folder browsing UI functionality in your app in seconds. Consisting of a folder tree control, a file/folder list control and a drive-selection control, it completely mimics the Windows Explorer UI including Thumbnail, Detail & Group View, dragdrop, icons, context menus, virtual items, infotips and renaming.

Features of Shell MegaPack.Net

International Language Translations Available:
· All controls are available fully support Unicode and translations in various languages such as Italian and German are available.

Comprehensive Documentation:
· Each control comes with comprehensive and easy-to-understand documentation for your reference.

Numerous Samples:
· Each control comes with many samples in various programming languages so that you don’t have to spend time learning how to use the controls.

Support and Upgrade Subscription:
· Opting for the Support and Upgrade Subscription allows you to get access to the latest upgrades free of charge and get prompt answers to your technical questions so that you can get on with you work.

No runtime fees or royalties:
· No runtime fees or royalties are involved when you distribute our controls with your applications.

GUI Controls For Drop-In Shell Browsing Functionality For Your App:
· Mimics all features including Thumbnail, Group and Details/Report View, icons, contextmenus, dragdrop, renaming, infotips and many others.


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