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Silverlight Spy 3.0

Silverlight Spy is a runtime inspector tool providing unprecedented access to all aspects of any Silverlight application. Explore the UI element tree, monitor events, extract XAML, interactively execute DLR code, view statistics and more, much more.

Silverlight Spy provides detailed runtime inspection of any Silverlight application. Use the built-in browser to navigate to a web page. Silverlight Spy automatically detects the applications embedded in the page and provides various inspection view panes. Explore the XAP package, Isolated Storage, monitor performance, browse the UI visual and logical tree, examine objects, execute code in the DLR shell.

Application views
Silverlight Spy comes with various so-called application views that provide access to different parts of a Silverlight application. The following views are available;

Application Settings
Exposes the global Silverlight application settings. Information such as HTML host info and out-of-browser settings are is available in a property grid.

XAP Package
Explore the files that are availabe in the XAP package of the application. Indiviual files can be extracted and viewed in an external application.

Isolated Storage
This view provides read and write access to the Silverlight virtual file system. Explore the file system structure, view, export and delete files that are available in both Application and Site isolated storage.

Performance Monitor
Use the performance monitor to track the performance of your application. The monitor provides multiple real-time performance metrics.

UI Automation
With the UI Automation explorer you can see how UI automation clients see your application. This a great tool to verify whether your application is usable for accessibility. The UI automation explorer supports pattern invocation; you can invoke UI events from outside the application.

View and extract the default and application specific control styles that are embedded in any Silverlight application.

Event Monitor
Monitor the events that are raised by the Silverlight user interface in real-time. The event monitor supports filtering to limit the number of events monitored.

User Interface Explorer
Explorer every object available in the visual tree of an application. Read and write object properties and learn why an application is behaving like it is. The detailed properties pane exposes hundred of properties, the view displays re-generated XAML and the statistics pane provides general UI statistics. Various tools such as taking a snapshot of  (a part of) the application are included as well.

Object Browser
The object browser displays all the .NET classes in a hierarchical manner. If you have Reflector configured, you are able to view the decompiled source code of any Silverlight application.

DLR Shell
Use the DLR shell to execute dynamic language code such as Ruby and Python right in the Silverlight application’s AppDomain. The DLR shell is a very powerful tool that allows you to inspect and modify the application in ways that have not been seen before. The shell comes with a set of samples that should get you started.

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 2008, 7
  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher
  • Silverlight 3 RTW runtime
  • Windows Installer 3.1
  • .NET Framework 3.5 runtime


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