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SourceUSB 3.2

SourceUSB is a software-based USB analyzer for Windows platforms. It is installed on a Windows operating system as a kernel-mode driver and user-mode application. The analyzer driver coexists with the Windows USB driver stack. Since USB is a host driven bus, viewing USB activity from the host perspective is a valuable complement to viewing USB transactions on the bus with a hardware analyzer.

SourceUSB installs easily from a Windows Installer package. Separate packages are supplied for 32-bit and x64 platforms. It does not require any changes to existing drivers to benefit from its use.

SouceUSB records USB I/O requests and events in a binary log file and displays them in real-time. Requests and events can be logged from the time the system boots or logging can be easily started and stopped using keyboard shortcuts or menu commands. Filters can be applied to control the amount and type of information which is captured or displayed. All transactions are time-stamped to aid in performance analysis.

It also allows you to examine each I/O request or event in detail. For example, the fields in setup packets, URBs, and descriptors are displayed and annotated. The request, response, and pending phases of each I/O request are displayed separately with the completion status.


  • USB Monitoring of all host controllers, hubs, and devices, including system boot time and through power transitions.
  • Chip-level Host Controller Monitoring reveals chip-level interactions with miniport and usbport drivers.
  • Total Enumeration Tracing reveals hidden enumeration steps in addition to URB tracing.
  • x64 Support with application and driver binaries for x64 (including Windows 7); binary log files are portable between x86 and x64.
  • Protocol/Data/Topology Capture preserves protocol log records, data payload, system configuration, and USB topology in a binary log file for later analysis.
  • Device Class Decoding reveals class specific requests and descriptors; current classes decoded are HUB, HID, and Mass Storage.
  • Filter/Search/Trigger capture by request type, error status, data direction, and state.
  • Performance Measurements are supported by displaying log record elapsed time or delta-times in seconds, milliseconds, microseconds; origin of time measurements is settable.
  • Reports/Exports of all or portions of a log; generate device reports; in XML or HTML formats.
  • Context Help provided for major program features; context help displays reference pages for each URB, ioctl, etc.
  • Windows O/S Support from Windows 2000 through Windows 7, including latest service packs.


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