Stunnix VBscript and ASP Obfuscator 4.2

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Stunnix VBscript and ASP Obfuscator 4.2

Stunnix ASP and VbScript Obfuscator is a unique solution for this piracy and misuse problem for ASP and client-side code written in VBScript programming languages. It provides both an obfuscation and an encoding tool for client-side VBScript code in .vbs files and in HTML, PHP, ASP and JSP pages as well as for server-side ASP code, with advanced support for adding extremely difficult to remove automatic licensing checks.

It converts scripts in input files into highly mangled and obfuscated form. This makes them extermely difficult to study, analyse, reuse and re-work for competitors or customers, while retaining the full functionality of the original code. By default that highly mangled and obfuscated code is encoded afterwards to hide the structure (control flow, division into subroutines and classes) of the script completely.

Stunnix ASP and VbScript Obfuscator is not a compiler to machine or pseudo code. The protected form will still be the usual script or html or asp file, thus it will work on all platforms the original code worked on. State of the art support for ensuring license conditions (expiration, several types of hostname checks, user-defined checks) is also available. Note, that Stunnix ASP and VBScript Obfuscator is referred to as Stunnix VBS-Obfus for brevity sometimes on this site.


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