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TouchBoard 4.0

The purpose of TouchBoard is to help people type text, without having to press keys on their keyboard or click their mouse. The text that is typed can be sent to any other application that you wish. The application that receives the text is called the "target application". For example, the target application could be a program like Notepad on Windows, TextEdit on a Mac, or a form in a web browser.

TouchBoard allows you to easily add your own boards and keys, or change existing keys. You can customize many things about a key, including it’s name, background color, and it’s contents (what it will type). A key can hold large amounts of text in its contents, there is no limit. Inside a key’s contents, you can optionally use command codes to do various things besides simply type text.

This program can benefit anyone who types. It is wonderful for helping you type faster and easier. It is also of great benefit to anyone who’s wrists become sore from typing, or has any other difficulty with typing. TouchBoard can eliminate many keystrokes and mouse clicks, saving you lots of time, and also reducing physical wear on the tendons of the wrist.

Example Uses:

  • Memory aid: Use it to store login names, or other pieces of text that are difficult to remember.
  • Repetitive text: Use it to store any text that is commonly repeated.
  • Office or company environment: Use it to store the names of companies or individuals, and automate any commonly needed typing.
  • Online purchases and forms: Use it to fill out your name, address, phone number, email address, and so forth on the internet. Fill out forms in seconds instead of minutes.
  • Programmers: Use it to type any common programming constructs, such as empty if statements, empty for loops, and template classes or files. Store variable names that you are currently working with in the Clips board for easy repetition.
  • People with disabilities: Use it to make it easier for you to type. Since this program does not require use of the keyboard or clicking of the mouse in order to enter text, it can be of great benefit to people who have difficulty doing either of those actions. Use it in conjunction with any device that allows a person to move the mouse pointer.
  • Speech recognition supplement: Use it in conjunction with speech recognition software, to type text, symbols, words, and phrases that the speech recognition software does not easily recognize.


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