Version Number Generator 1.10.10

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Version Number Generator 1.10.10

This Add-in for Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 C/C++ Win32 projects can automatically control build number of an executable or dll file.

After instalation of this Add-in just run the Visual Studio and create the new project for Visual C++ ‘Win32 Project’ or open an existing. In Add-in Manager of Tools menu check this add-in to turn on. In the context menu of the Solution Explorer select Add Version Information… item. This add to your project or projects (it depends of the selection item in the Solution Explorer) a special file – VersionInfo.h.

In the ‘VersionInfo.h’ file you can set your configuration for building version number. There is also describe how you can do this.

// Version template
//   Usage:
//     A.B.*   = A.B.X.Y
//     A.B.*.* = A.B.X.Z
//     A.B.C.* = A.B.C.Z
//     A.B.C.D = A.B.C.D
//       where X equal to the number of days since creation day.
//       If creation date has not definied X equal to the number
//       of days since January 1, 2001 local time. Y equal to
//       the number of seconds since midnight local time divided
//       by 10. Z equal to incramented revision number and A, B,
//       C, D mean they remain unchanged.
#define VERSION_TEMPLATE "1.0.*"

When you run the build process in Release configuration all resorces such as .rc and .rc2 files which contain VERSIONINFO blok will be find in project and automatically update.



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