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wodTelnetDLX 2.4.2

wodTelnetDLX is a telnet client component ready to connect to various terminal based clients, most commonly to UNIX telnet daemon. Besides supported Telnet protocol, it also supports secured communication (through encryption) using well known SSH (SSH1 and SSH2 are supported), as well as SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer protocol).

ActiveX version of the component has its own Terminal GUI (Graphic user interface) that supports VT100 emulation – so you can run your favorite UNIX tools with no need for 3rd party extensions – only with wodTelnetDLX.

Using wodTelnetDLX is really easy – set Hostname and Protocol (Telnet is set as default), and issue Connect method. Once connected, wodTelnetDLX will fire Connected event and you can start sending and receiving data. Each time data is received by the component, Received event is fired where you can read data and print it to screen, store it, evaluate, issue new commands etc.

Secured communication is implemented using SSH protocols (both SSH1 and SSH2) and SSL/TLS implementation. You can use enclosed ‘Certificate Management’ component to select certificate/private key to connect to server without need to remember any passwords – if your server supports this. It supports both RSA and DSA private keys, as well as installed certificates that hold these keys, through Certificate property.


  • Supports Telnet, SSH1, SSH2, SSHAuto, SSL, SSLTelnet and Raw protocols
  • Includes both COM Component version and ActiveX Control in same package
  • Has its own Terminal client GUI (only ActiveX version)
  • Implements VT100 and Linux emulation (only ActiveX version)
  • Supports NTLM Telnet authentication
  • Has blocking mode for scripting clients (only COM version), as well as non-blocking mode (both versions)
  • Supports negotiation for auto determining SSH1/SSH2 protocols
  • Automatically upgrades Telnet session to SSL if available
  • Connects with ease even with secured WEB servers.
  • Includes Certificate Management Component – you can use OpenSSL as well as MS CertificateStore certificates
  • Automatically sends login and password if specified
  • Fires events when data is received, or key (even special) is pressed
  • Allows transparent use of any of supported protocol. Change one property – leave other code the same!
  • Supports context-menus of your choice
  • and more…



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