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XQual Studio (XStudio) is a FREE 100% graphical and modular in design test management application that handles the complete life-cycle of your QA/testing projects from end to end: users, requirements, specifications, development projects (scrum oriented), SUTs, tests, tesplans, test reports and test campaigns.

Using a MySQL database as principal storage, XStudio allows to schedule or run directly fully-automated or manual test campaigns. Installing XAgent (a free program running in background) on several hosts will allow you to run your test campaigns on these PCs remotely. Uniquely, XStudio provides a simple SDK that allows integrating with all the tests you already have – or you’re planning to develop – whatever the language they are written in. Because XStudio can be used with any kind of tests (C/C++, Java, C#, Python, Perl, XUnit, VBScript, JavaScript or any proprietary systems such as AutoIt, VisualStudio, TestComplete, TestPartner etc.), anyone can take advantage of it.


  • 100% graphical (and tree-based for more flexibility)
  • Integrated management of ALL actors involved in the QA/testing project: users, systems under test, requirements, specifications, tests, testplans, campaigns, test reports, defects
  • ALL data stored in MySQL (robust & reliable)
  • Customization of all documents (testplans, test reports etc.)
  • History of all test executions
  • Support for automated and manual tests execution
  • Instant or scheduled test campaigns
  • Execution on remote computers
  • Simple and flexible API for launchers configuration/development
  • Connectors to the most famous bug-tracking systems: Mantis, Bugzilla
  • Integrated Bug-Tracking Database
  • Generation of coverage metrics
  • Tracking of bugs evolution


What's New

· Updated spanish translation
· Squish launcher modifications: add options for squish server and runner
· Change timeout value to make the stats more precise
· Changed time-consuming DB operation messages to indicate specifically
· if it is about initialization or update of the database
· Message to highlight that the stats update task is cancellable/skip-able
· Add a "Selenium Server Option" field in ALL the selenium launchers
· Removed "Trust all SSL certificates" and "User extensions" params in
· Selenium HTML launcher as they can be handled through this new option field
· Tests not included in schedules's session reports
· Empty folder throws an exception
· Not possible to empty folders in specific trees
· Removed debugging traces in selenium html launcher
· GetAgentId() throws exception or drastically slow down the startup time
· Get the campaign session configuration for reports throws an exception.
· No clock cursor when
· . Copying campaigns, campaign sessions, folders, requirements,
· specifications, tests or testcases
· . Generating specifications or tests
· . Emptying folders
· String textfields have the caret position on the last character
· instead of the first one (leading to a wrong alignment)
· Copy/paste working only on the second try on all the wiki-style fields
· When overwriting preselected text the first character typed is ignored
· Crash when selecting a campaign including tests having '' in
· their names
· Copy test: attributes are not copied
· Configuration not included in execution reports
· Copy campaign session: dynamic attributes settings not copied
· Copy campaign session: cannot modify on the fly the attributes
· Copy campaign session: tiny memory leak
· Completion not reset when switching a defect to NEW or ASSIGNED
· Results icon should have a different shapes to recognize them in balck
· and white printed reports (new icons)
· "testplan" terms becomes "testplan", "scope" or "procedure" depending
· on where they are used to prevent any confusion
· Option to include or not the ancestor nodes in the report
· Import: No error reported when category or folder node is missing
· Import: No error reported when an SQL failure occurs during import
· Specific errors should be displayed when the imported file is incorrect
· Remove useless traces in HTML document parser
Include changes entries for the copy of:
· . campaign
· . campaign session
· . requirements
· . specifications
· . test/testcase
· . testcase
Include changes entries for the generation of:
· . specifications from reqs
· . tests from specs
· No refresh when updating the specs associated to a test
· Cannot use the inheritance feature from the specification to select the tests
· Exception thrown when the user with not enough rights selects specific items


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