EMCO Remote Registry Exporter 1.40

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EMCO Remote Registry Exporter 1.40

A simple, but powerful utility for exporting of Windows registry settings from remote PCs located in the local network. The application allows you to connect to the remote PCs and extract the whole registry or a particular registry keys in the automatic mode to store them as REG files. It saves you from manual extraction of registry settings from each PC when you need to make a registry backup or analyze registry settings.

Sometimes you need to check various settings stored in the Windows registry. Manual opening registry editor and searching for specific keys isn’t a simple task, especially if you need to check multiple parameters at once. This can become even more complicated if need not only to monitor your local PC, but have to check all PCs in the local network. Obviously, it is just next to impossible to do it manually on all PCs in large scale networks.

But this problem has an easy solution. EMCO Remote Registry Exporter allows you to make all required registry export operations remotely from PCs located in the local network. It helps you to monitor different registry keys and their values or even make a whole registry export on multiple remote PCs with no efforts.


  • Exporting of a set of predefined keys or the whole registry content from remote PCs. Saving export results to the REG files.
  • Making registry export in parallel from multiple remote PCs located in the local network.
  • Exporting of all types of registry data, including String, Binary, DWORD, Multi-String and Expandable String registry values.
  • Collecting registry information from all remote PCs where you have an administrative access. Defining separate credentials for each domain or workgroup if they have different security settings.
  • Ability to execute remote registry export operations in a silent mode from command-line that allows putting them to the task schedule.
  • Detailed logging that helps to control remote operations execution.


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