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Windsty RegistryCleaner

Registry errors often cause instability and slow computer
performance. This award-winning registry cleaner will clean, repair and
optimize the Windows registry to speed up your computer and eliminate
frequent crashes.

Windsty RegistryCleaner is a software utility
designed for the Microsoft Windows operating system whose purpose is to
remove redundant or unwanted items from the Windows registry. Such data
may include information left by software that has not been uninstalled
completely from the computer, information that is no longer of use, or
settings required for the operation of malware. It scans the registry,
and attempts to pick out the unnecessary values in order to delete or
repair them.

Windsty RegistryCleaner improves the performance of
computer by ridding the registry of redundant information. Due to the
sheer size and complexity of the registry database, manually cleaning
up debris and invalid entries would be impractical, so Windsty
RegistryCleaner is essential tool that automates the process of looking
for invalid entries, missing file references or broken links within the
registry and resolving them. Windsty RegistryCleaner may be useful for someone that adds or removes programs from their computer very often.

  • Fixing registry errors will speed up your computer
  • Speed up boot up time
  • Eliminate BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)
  • Registry cleanup will reduce the size of the Windows registry
  • The automatic backup creation of the repaired registry entries
  • This is one of the most popular registry cleaners on the Internet


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