Hardware Inspector Service Desk 1.0.1

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Hardware Inspector Service Desk

Hardware Inspector Service Desk is a web interface which provides effective communication between a user and a supporter. It helps users register on their own and submit their requests directly from their workplaces, which significantly shortens response-time from the support team and incident solution.

Hardware Inspector Service Desk is fully customizable. Administrators can change values of request parameters and specify which parameters are available for users: urgency, deadline, request type, etc. It provides for a large variety of support policies in organizations.

The program features automated assignment of responsibilities for request processing. Administrators can assign a request to either a user with supporter’s rights or a support group. So when a user selects a request type, the responsibilities are automatically assigned.

Features of Hardware Inspector Service Desk

· Single infrastructure with Hardware Inspector and Hardware Inspector Client/Server.
· Effective request management.
· User – supporter correspondence within a request.
· Attaching files to requests.
· Defining request urgency and deadline.
· Request rating to evaluate IT department work.
· Delegating responsiblities for request processing.
· Several options to register requests.
· Categorizing requests by types.
· User self registration.
· Request progress management.
· Notifications about changes in requests by e-mail.


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