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LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn Pro provides you anytime, anywhere access to your computer’s
files and applications. From the convenience of a web browser, you can
work with a remote computer securely as if you were sitting right in
front of it.

Feel the freedom of easy access to your remote computer from the convenience of a web browser:

  • Remotely control your desktop from anywhere
  • Run computer programs on your work computer from your home computer
  • Transfer a document from your remote desktop to your laptop
  • Print invoices, job quotes and more from remote computers to onsite or client printers
  • Share your desktop with a customer across the country
  • Collaborate on a proposal
  • Listen to your personal MP3 collection from work

LogMeIn Central with Pro enables:

  • Remote, web-based management services
  • Multi-computer support
  • Monitoring the status of distant computers
  • Alerts to become more proactive
  • Reporting on important session and inventory information

Do it all, without leaving your desk, workstation or wherever you choose to be.



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