Netman 5.59

1.6 MB
Operating System
Windows All
Remote Tools

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The Netman application was designed to be a high security and user-friendly remote control software that is free. As high security software it adopts the DSE encrypt mode generally used by banks which is safe and reliable. You can also set treble password to ensure the safety.

Moreover, you can start your computer remotely when it’s needed; log it off when you finish remote working. Thus Netman is the safest remote control software over the world. As user-friendly software Netman can work without installation and behind any firewalls. And the best part is you don’t need any proxy. You can achieve remote control by simply inputting partner’s IP displayed on Netman.

Features of Netman

Screen Sharing:
· The user can see a remote desktop on his/her own screen and use the mouse and keyboard to remotely control the connected computer, as well as taking pictures.

Files Management:
· With this function local files can be uploaded and downloaded from each other’s PC. You can also remotely modify a file name, create a new folder, delete files, etc.

Video Monitoring:
· You can remotely turn on the camera connected to your partner’s PC with this function.

Remote Start/Shutdown:
· With Netman Computer Starter (hardware), the only thing you need to do is to dial the phone connected to the PC, then it will be remotely switch on. If a Netman has been installed, you are able to remotely monitor and control your computer.


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