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SupportSmith 2.0

SupportSmith is based on a client-server architecture. All communications are established through outgoing connections to the SupportSmith Server, using SSH/2 protocol. Clients-end don’t need neither ports open nor firewall exceptions, thus avoiding the common security holes found in most of Remote Control products.

SupportSmith Server mediates between peer-to-peer sessions. As every client establishes an outgoing connection to the server, it becomes irrelevant whether client’s PC uses static or dynamic IP.

SupportSmith provides a high-performance and escalable architecture, allowing multiple server installations in a load-balancing or multi-site scenario.

Remote Technical Support to anyone, anywhere
SupportSmith’s architecture allows for peer-to-peer connections in a secure, reliable and firewall-friendly manner. No ports open are required neither in customer’s nor technician’s ends. Works with dynamic and fixed IP address. Smoothly adapts to corporate firewall rules and proxy servers. SupportSmith Server takes care of all connectivity issues, mediating between all SupportSmith components to provide secure, reliable and high-preformance connections.

Administrative Tools
SupportSmith provides a Support Management Console that allows Technicians to get: Realtime PC Status Monitoring on pre-installed agents, Instant Remote System Overview, Remote Wake-Up, Incident Management and Chat.

Remote Support Tools
SupportSmith is not just a Remote Control tool. It gives you: Remote Shared Desktop Control, Remote Shared Application Control, Microsoft Remote Desktop (MS RDP), File Transfer, Remote Shell, Remote System Information, Remote Port Forwarding and Chat.

Peer-to-peer Assistance and Collaboration

SupportSmith takes the Remote Assistance concept a step further. Now, with SupportSmith everyone can share a single application or the entire desktop with a colleague in real-time. Co-workers can help each other or work together whenever they need to.

On-Demand Remote Support
For one-time technical support, you can provide your customer with a web link where the On-Demand Agent can be run from.  No setups and no extra configuration needed. The On-Demand Agent allows you to easily and inmediately initiate the Remote Support session at customer’s request. Once the support session ends, the On-Demand Agent unloads itself from memory leaving no traces on your customer’s computer.

Single Application Remote Support
Whether you are a software vendor or developer, a customized On-Demand Agent can be deployed along with your own application, allowing the end-user to get assistance right from your application’s menu. The access can be limited to this single application, guaranteeing your customer’s privacy.

Pre-installed Support Agents
Pre-installed Support Agents can be deployed across your entire organization, enabling Unattended Remote Access, Online PC Status Monitoring, Peer-to-Peer Collaboration and much more.

On-Request Remote Support
When an user needs help, he/she can start a chat with the technician or simply request for remote tecnical support. When this happens, a notification is sent to the technician, allowing them to initiate the support session right away.

Administrative/Unattended Remote Access
SupportSmith allows authorized technicians the access to the remote PC when idle. In this case, technician’s credentials will be validated for properly access to the remote PC resources.

Remote Tool Access Rules protects remote-user’s privacy

SupportSmith can be configured to ask the remote user whether to accept or deny the technician request to use a remote tool to access their PC.


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