Digital Talking Parrot 1.0.12

AVnex Ltd
1.93 MB
Operating System
Windows Xp

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Digital Talking Parrot

Have fun with AV Virtual Pet, a digital talking parrot. We dedicated it as a free screensaver to all pet lovers! We guarantee there is no ads or pop-ups in this free screensaver.

Adopt this talking parrot and teach it to mimic and modify sounds, voices, and bird songs.

Our free screensaver, talking parrot is still a …baby! It still cannot recognize the doorbell and the phone ring yet. However, it is a lot of fun to play around with, and while you teach parrot to mimic and modify sounds, voices and birdsongs, we keep training digital parrot to be smarter…

After installing this free screensaver, please go to Digital Talking Parrot on Start menu and click "Readme" to see what this virtual pet can do and view the quick tips of teaching talking parrot and start to teach parrot to mimic and modify sounds, voices, and birdsongs.

It’s easy to have this virtual pet play jokes on your PC. Go to Start/Programs/Digital Talking Parrot/Parrot then on menu bar, click "View" to choose either "Zoom 100%" or "Full Screen". By press "Escape" the "Zoom 100%" will be restored.


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