MurGee 1.1

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Windows Vista Windows Xp
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MurGee 1.1

The ScreenSaver can be used to save electricity / power. ScreenSaver is easily configurable using Screen Saver properties as for other ScreenSavers. You can also use this Screen Saver as LogOn Screen Saver to Turn Off Screen (only turn off screen supported when working as LogOn ScreenSaver) whenever nobody is logged onto your computer or workstation.

MurGee ScreenSaver Features:

  • The Screen Saver can save screen and can do many other things.
  • Can be useful when you wish to do some actions when computer is left inactive.
  • Offers to Shutdown, Hibernate, Lock, Computer as well.
  • In order to manage your computer for idleness / inactivity, you do not need to run any other software and screen saver will only be launched when it is supposed to, as defined in Screen Saver Settings.
  • Screen Savers runs after inactivity, even if no user is logged onto the computer, the Screen Saver can be configured to run and hence MurGee Screen Saver when activated by Windows, can do the action assigned from the screen saver settings.
  • The ScreenSaver, when configured to Turn Off Screen on a Multiple Monitor Computer System would turn off all the display screens (primary display and all secondary displays) or you can control dual monitors independently using Dual Monitor Software Download.


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