MyScreenSaver Builder 2.1

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Windows Server Windows Xp
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MyScreenSaver Builder 2.1

MyScreenSaver Builde (MSB) provides collections of car images grouped
by make and year. When the program is installed there are a few
collections that come with installation. More collections are
downloadable with MyScreenSaver AWC utility. You can access collections
that are already downloaded by making right-click on MSB’s system tray
icon and selecting Explorer Images Folder. To browse images you can use
MSS File Viewer program that browses images in a selected collection
and shows car specification data.

MSB Wizard enables you to make screensaver starting from one or more
images (JPG or GIF), or from a single MSS file. There are three steps
that you follow with MSB Wizard: the first two serve to indicate the
location of source images or MSS file and organize images, and the
third one serves to set build options. When you click Finish, MSB
Wizard builds screensaver and opens the folder where the setup program
was stored. You can test the setup immediately by double-click on its
file. You can also use MSB Wizard to create new MSS file or edit an
existing MSS file without making a screensaver.

A convenient way to run screensaver is to double-click MyScreenSaver
AWC’s icon located in the system tray area of Windows desktop. The icon
also provides an easy access to MyScreenSaver AWC configuration utility
that is activated with from right-click menu, and to other MSB

To facilitate protection of your working environment when you leave
computer, MSB includes a handy option to lock desktop of your computer.
For example you can press F6 to lock desktop. When back, you can unlock
desktop with unlock shortcut entering a password into login window.

To diversify visual appearance MSB 2.0 includes different login skins.
You can set a login skin in the Login Skins dialog called from the
Security tab of MyScreenSaver AWC.

Change Log:

  • Added submenus to organize cars by make and year.


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