Screen Saver Construction Set 2.0a45

Alchemy Mindworks
8.3 MB
Operating System
Windows All

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Screen Saver Construction Set

Screen Saver Construction Set is the ultimate platform to build
distributable multimedia Windows screen savers. Fast, flexible and easy
to use, it will let you assemble screen savers of your own design out
of pictures, animations, text and sounds. It will import graphics from
most popular formats, including JPG, PCX, TGA, BMP, GIF and PNG, and
sounds from WAV and MIDI files.

Screen Saver Construction Set also includes ANIMAL, a powerful
development environment that will provide you with the tools to build
screen savers to do just about anything you can imagine. The ANIMAL
programming language is dead easy to master, even if all your previous
computer programming has involved an eight-pound sledge hammer and a
chain saw.

The extensive documentation and tutorials included with Screen Saver
Construction Set will typically get you up to speed in less than twelve
seconds. Your performance may vary slightly, but it will still be
impressively quick.

Build screen savers of your family, your corporate logo,
advertisements for your products, desktop themes or your most inventive

Screen Saver Construction Set includes:

  • Build screen savers effortlessly.
  • Import graphics from many other popular Windows applications.
  • Add sound effects and background music to your screen savers.
  • Include sophisticated animations in your screen savers.
  • Add applets of your own devising.
  • Distribute your screen savers with no run-times or DLLs to lose.
  • Create professional Windows installers for your screen savers.
  • Password-protect your screen savers to keep your work safe.



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