Adware Away 3.1.4

2.4 MB
Operating System
Windows Server Windows Vista Windows Xp

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Adware Away 3.1.4

Adwawre Away has a powerful system scanner – Global Scanner, it scans all place where malware could hide in. If you have difficulty in removing any malware, please just send us your global scan log file, our professional computer technicians will provide one to one assistance, the assistance could be a customized fix tool or some special instructions to remove the malware. Geek Squad and many other computer repair shops also use Adware Away as one of their diagnostic tools


What Adware Away can do :
    Detect and remove hard-to-kill malware
    If your standard anti-malware programs fail to fix your current malware problem, Adware Away is your ultimate solution.
    Detect and remove new appearing malware
    The ‘Global Scan’ in Adware Away is a powerful system scan tool, it can help you find any new appearing malware and new variants of existing malware.
    Provide professional technical assistance
    The technical assistance team behind Adware Away consists of professional computer technicians, we provide ONE TO ONE technical assistance, the response time is the fastest in the market. Geek Squad and many other computer repair shops also use Adware away as one of their diagnostic tools.
    100% removal of all malware guarantee
    You may experience some other anti-malware programs report a lot of malware objects in your computer but they can’t remove those objects, don’t worry about it, we can customize a removal tool for you to remove any malware found by your other programs.


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