Crunch Time

Yohz Ventures Sdn Bhd
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Crunch Time 1.0.

Crunch Time is a Windows application that periodically takes a snapshot of your computer activities, so that you may later review and analyse how your time was spent.  Perfect for people who need to fill out timesheets or account for their working
hours in detail.

Crunch Time periodically records details of the active application on your computer, and takes a snapshot of the active window. You can then later review and analyse how your time was spent, and on which applications. The data is stored in an encrypted database.  Screenshots are stored in a folder, in encrypted form too.  This restricts access to only users who know the password to the stored data.

With Crunch Time, you can:

  • get a quick overview of your activities
  • view screenshots of your activities
  • analyse your activities
  • set up your own activity categories for review and analysis


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