Ecodsoft Keylogger 2.1.08

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Ecodsoft Keylogger 2.1

Ecodsoft Keylogger is very powerful monitoring software which could record and log all the computer activity. This key logger tool work in stealthy mode and completely invisible to other people. It could not only record key stroke but the software informations such as applications launched, websites visited, and popular Instant Messenger log.

As the best computer monitor and logger software, Ecodsoft Keylogger is very easy to use with its friendly UI, even for the beginners. After install on any PC you want, it could record and save allthe activity. So it could be excellent parent control and surveillance tool and also could work as a employee monitor.Now you could download it for free and try it easily!


  • Best keystroke recorder
    • Secretly record all keystrokes typed by computer users in total stealth.
  • Sends the report to the specified email addresses.
    • Log and save all the message on the PC, and could send to you via email secretly.
  • Save all the IM messages:
    • Skype chat logger
    • MSN Messenger logger
    • Yahoo Messenger logger
    • AIM logger
    • ICQ logger
  • Record all the websites opened and other software usage history:
    • Myspace log
    • Facebook log
    • Document open log
    • Clipboard content
  • Take screenshot and save on the PC.
    • The key logger and monitor could record screen and save as bmp files, so you could browse and check them anytime.


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