Keystroke Interference 2.7

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Keystroke Interference 2.7

It is nearly impossible to detect all keystroke logging software. Network Intercept’s Keystroke Interference, is a unique solution that renders keystroke logging software useless. With chameleon-like characteristics, keystroke logging software can hide from even the toughest detection system. Network Intercept’s Keystroke Interference solution protects against this existing threat whether it has been detected or not.

The software inserts randomized characters into every keystroke to ensure that any information collected is completely muddled. In addition, artificial intelligence learns the users natural typing pattern to further conceal the characters the user is typing. Logging software or someone monitoring a Keystroke Interference protected system will not be able to decipher the user’s typing pattern or typed keys. This quick desktop-install program utilizes minimal system resources and will not slow down the user’s computer.


  • Modifies captured keystrokes to hide user’s data.
  • Learns user’s unique typing pattern to conceal online fingerprint.
  • Available for Windows XP and Vista.
  • Works with IE, Mozilla, and Microsoft word.
  • Web server can exist outside the corporate firewall and still be protected.


  • Protects typed passwords, credit card numbers, and personal information.
  • Does not slow down the users computer.
  • Conceals keyboard pattern fingerprint.
  • Defends against any software based keystroke logging software.


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