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Public Kiosk Software 7.0

In many cases, you may need to set up a few computers publicly for people to access. However, when you do that, you might want to limit people’s access to these computers, so they do not destroy your operating system and do not mess with your files. It is very hard to protect your computer in a very quick, uniform and simple manner especially if you are not a computer expert.

In this case you have the following solutions to your problem:

  • Hire a professional IT person for every time you require reconfiguration or cleanup on your computers. This could be very expensive.
  • Try to purchase a hardware solution that has embedded protection. This can be not only expensive, but also very limiting, since these solutions may not run standard operating systems or software rendering all your existing programs incompatible.
  • Use our Public Kiosk Software. This is a very simple, intuitive and inexpensive way to protect and limit access to your computer in exactly the way you like

When you use our software, you will realize the following benefits immediately:

  • You can lock your workstations so that only the programs you specify are allowed to execute. Any other program will not even appear as an option for users.
  • Create shortcuts to web sites for easy access. Each web site you specify will become separate icon on user’s desktop. This is the easiest way for people to quickly find what they are looking for.
  • Block certain keys on your keyboard, so that users can no longer use them in any applications.
  • Prevent people from gaining access to your windows environment.
  • Automatically execute any shortcuts you specify when your users log in.
  • Allow only people who have access to use your workstations.
  • Issue the time locking codes. Specify any number of minutes you want and your users will be allocated exact amount of time you want. After that, session will be closed.
  • Use our special, secure Safe Web Browser. It limits functionality to a bare minimum and does not allow anybody to circumvent your security.


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