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REFOG Personal Monitor 6.1.5

REFOG Personal Monitor takes complete surveillance yet another step
higher. Adding instant security alerts delivered right to your PC,
REFOG Personal Monitor will alert you if anything happens at home or at
work – no matter where you are located when it happens! The product is
ideal to look after members of your household or watch your employees.


  • Keystroke recording: Once installed and running, Refog
    registers all keys pressed by a user, thus acting as a keylogger. This
    function captures all data that has been entered by your children or an
    employee using a keyboard, including chats, usernames, passwords,
    emails, search queries and other content. In addition to key logging,
    Refog is also able to log clipboard text.
  • Web history
    logging: Even if users delete their browser’s history, the informaton
    is retained in Refog’s log database and always available via the
    reports function. All relevant information is collected including URLs
    visited, page titles and the timestamp.
  • Screenshot history:
    With customizable capability, Refog takes full color screenshots of a
    desktop screen. This ensures that the log of what is being typed by the
    user is backed up with visual evidence of exactly what they are doing.
    Without being monitored, it is often the case that employees get
    carried away with excessive web surfing, shopping and other personal
    tasks. With screenshot history, it is always possible to gather
    evidence if an employee is wasting the company’s time. Multiple monitor
    configurations are supported!
  • Invisible mode and password
    protection: You may not want to disclose the act of PC monitoring, so
    Refog can work in special stealth mode, making it completely invisible
    even to a skilled PC user. It cannot be found in the program folder,
    control panel or tray. When required, the program can be revealed using
    a special command or hotkey. In addition, it is possible to protect
    Refog with a password, so users are unable to erase their logs.
  • Application
    monitoring and file tracking: Refog is able to record all programs
    executed on your PC, so it is possible to establish if your kid is
    playing games instead of doing his homework, an employee is wasting
    time offline (e.g. playing solitaire instead of working). In addition
    to programs, Refog stores all file operations (e.g. open, edit, copy,
    delete), and can reveal inappropriate interest in specific confidential
  • IM monitoring: Refog is also compatible with all
    major instant messaging software (e.g. AIM, Facebook®,Yahoo! messenger,
    Skype, ICQ, Google Talk, MSN). It is not only able to log outgoing
    messages by a local user, but also incoming messages too.
  • Email
    reports: It is not necessary to gain physical access to monitored
    computers in order to view their logs. All reports can be delivered via
    email, and can be read anywhere.
  • Comprehensive settings and
    reports: It is possible to set the control levels of monitoring,
    enable/disable monitoring for given users, setup alert keywords and
    reports delivery, easily filter log files and much more. With this
    armory of tools, Refog comes preconfigured so it can be installed in
    just a few clicks and run with default settings, requiring no tech
    skills at all!

Change Log:

  • Fixed Minor bugs.


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