Virtual Spam Prevention 2.1

Halon Security
190.3 MB
Operating System
Windows Server

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Virtual Spam Prevention 2.1

The virtual machine spam prevention gateway. Be impressed beyond the technical specifications. Gain peace-of-mind knowing all valid e-mails are delivered. You can trust it to deliver wanted e-mails, block spam, delete infected and malicious attachments and protect from phishing attempts.

Place it in front of your SMTP mail server. Place it between your customer network and the Internet. Place it anywhere you want. It will fit in. Designed not for one specific task, it can adopt for any mail communication protection task. Take a five-minute, smooth and quiet journey through the getting started guide, and then relax.

Spam, Phishing, Malware and Viruses are by now well-known words that has become part of our everyday life. As e-mail and the Internet has grown to become a vital tool for making business, they have moved from being an annoying phenomenon to pose a serious threat to any organization. Introducing the SPG, we provide the processing power and technology to tame the mail flow, in small businesses as well as enterprises and large organizations.

Halon relies only on proven technologies that are the best of their breed. The combination of state-of-the-art licensed real-time scanners processing billions of messages on a daily basis, and well-proven community-driven filters provides incredible performance and accuracy for the overall product.



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