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AllSubmitter 5.9

All Submitter is the most complete directory submission software package on the planet; plus, our SEO software offers more for free than any other software package or suite for SEO. AllSubmitter acts as an extended web browser complete with fields values memorizing, automatic form filling and capability to learn as you submit your web site to newer search engines and link archives. With AllSubmitter, you can save a lot of time because you no longer have to manually submit your site to each web directory that you encounter. In fact, you can submit to more than 1,000 directories in no more than five minutes.

Features of AllSubmitter

* Unlimited Directories and articles!
* Easy and stress free to learn and use
* Ability to create different categories for your custom directories
* Tool to find duplicate directories in your directory listings
* Add your own custom directories, articles, and blogs. 
* Semi-automated directory submission software
* Full Automated directory submission software: quickly and effortlessly create a database.
* Smart-semi-automated directory submission software
* Client Server Software. (Firebird SQL DataBase)
* Any operation powered by a database: any sorting, grouping, and filters.
* Artificial intellect for forms.
* Export/Import txt, Excel, html, asd4
* Google index, MSN index, Yahoo index
* Ability to create different categories for your custom directories.
* Add your own notes and tips for each directory.
* Ability to give each directory a rating to keep track of your favorites.


  • Value generation, a new faster type of generation with the shingle specified for the result.
  • Parameter and position analyzer, now it is possible to send messages to the client with check results.
  • HTML optimizer, utf8 sites are now supported.
  • DirectMail, a delay between a group of messages has been added.
  • Parameter and position analyzer, export is now available.
  • Parameter and position analyzer, now it is possible to quickly load data in case of a large number of daily checks.
  • A new type of automatic registration, account registration, mass registration on one site have been added.
  • Some changes in automatic registration for more stable work in some operating systems.
  • Parameter and position analyzer, the smart position check has been added, now recurrent checks may become 10-100 times faster.


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