AlderPump 2.3.0

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AlderPump 2.3.0

AlderPump is an award-winning GUI front-end to Oracle Data Pump – next generation facility to inject in or extract data out of Oracle databases. By their nature, AlderPump dumps are fully compatible and interchangeable with dumps created by Oracle utilities.

AlderPump monitors and manages Data Pump jobs in real time, some job’s parameters can be even changed on the fly. Job Creation Wizard covers 100% of DataPump features – even those omitted from Oracle utilities expdp and impdp. Quick task tabs let launching standard jobs in seconds while detailed tabs reveal access to every little job’s detail. While jobs typically started from AlderPump itself, it also builds corresponding expdp or impdp command ready to be pasted to command line or into batch script. File Manager deals with files on database server side allowing their viewing, deletion, renaming, and transfer between server and client computers – all from the database – eliminating potentially insecure need to configure access to server file system.

When first installed, AlderPump runs in fully featured Evaluation mode for 100 days, then switches to never-expiring Lite mode which can be converted back to full-featured mode with a license.



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