AnyDbTest 2.3.1

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AnyDbTest is the first and only automated DB unit testing tool available using XML as test case. AnyDbTest is just designed for DBA/DB developers. It supports all kinds of popular database, such as Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL etc.

AnyDbTest can also be used to validate replication, ETL, DTS & SSIS results. You can compare data of two SQL queries between two databases visually to see differences highlighted on the screen. You can even get the one-stop service for ETL and validation via built-in data pump and record-set comparison functions.

Features of AnyDbTest

  • Writing test case with Xml, not Java/C++/C#/VB code.
  • Supports all popular databases, such as Oracle/SQL Server/My SQL
  • So many kinds of standard assertion supported, such as StrictEqual, SetEqual, IsSupersetOf, Overlaps, and RecordCountEqual etc.
  • Allows using an Excel spreadsheet/Xml as the source of the data for the tests.
  • Supports sandbox test model, as known as auto rollback.
  • Allows performing data pump from one DB/Excel into target database before test.
  • Unique cross-different-type-database testing.
  • Set style comparison for recordset.
  • Sequential style comparison for recordset or scalar values.
  • Allow to export result set of SQL statement into Xml/Excel file.



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