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The Apache HTTP Server Project is proud to announce
the release of version 2.2.14 of the Apache HTTP Server ("Apache"). This
version is principally a security and bugfix release.

This version of Apache is a major release and the start of a new stable
branch, and represents the best available version of Apache HTTP Server.
New features include
Smart Filtering, Improved Caching, AJP Proxy, Proxy Load Balancing,
Graceful Shutdown support, Large File Support, the Event MPM, and refactored

Changes with Apache 2.2.14
  • SECURITY: CVE-2009-2699 (cve.mitre.org) Fixed in APR 1.3.9. Faulty error handling in the Solaris pollset support
    (Event Port backend) which could trigger hangs in the prefork and event MPMs on that platform. PR 47645. [Jeff Trawick]
  • SECURITY: CVE-2009-3095 (cve.mitre.org) mod_proxy_ftp: sanity check
    authn credentials.[Stefan Fritsch <sf fritsch.de>, Joe Orton]
  • SECURITY: CVE-2009-3094 (cve.mitre.org) mod_proxy_ftp: NULL pointer
    dereference on error paths.[Stefan Fritsch <sf fritsch.de>, Joe
  • mod_proxy_scgi: Backport from trunk. [André Malo]
  • mod_ldap: Don’t try to resolve file-based user ids to a DN when AuthLDAPURL
  • has been defined at a very high level. PR 45946. [Eric Covener]
  • htcacheclean: 19 ways to fail, 1 error message. Fixed. [Graham Leggett]
  • mod_ldap: Bring the LDAPCacheEntries and LDAPOpCacheEntries [usage() in
    synch with the manual and the mplementation (0 and -1 both disable the
    cache). [Eric Covener]
  • mod_ssl: The error message when
    SSLCertificateFile is missing should at least give the name or position
    of the problematic virtual host definition. [Stefan Fritsch sf
  • htdbm: Fix possible buffer overflow if dbm database has very long values. PR 30586 [Dan Poirier]
  • Add support for HTTP PUT to ab. [Jeff Barnes <jbarnesweb yahoo.com>]
  • mod_ssl: Fix SSL_*_DN_UID variables to use the ‘userID’ attribute type. PR 45107. [Michael Ströder <michael stroeder.com>,Peter Sylvester <peter.sylvester edelweb.fr>]
  • mod_cache: Add CacheIgnoreURLSessionIdentifiers directive to ignore
    defined session identifiers encoded in the URL when caching.[Ruediger
  • mod_mem_cache: fix seg fault under load due to pool concurrency problemPR: 47672 [Dan Poirier <poirier pobox.com>]
  • mod_autoindex: Correctly create an empty cell if the description for a file is missing. PR 47682 [Peter Poeml <poeml suse.de>]



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