Apache Log Viewer 1.1

Ian Bugeja
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Apache Log Viewer 1.1

Apache Logs Viewer (ALV) is a free and powerful tool which lets you monitor, view and analyze apache logs with more ease. It offers search and filter functionality for the log file, highlighting the various http requests based on their status code. There is also a report facility, thus you can generate a pie/bar chart in seconds. Together with this there are also statistics where you can get the top hits, top errors, number of status codes, total bandwidth and more.

Apache Logs Viewer is a great tool to use for web analytics. Use it to get your website more productive, detect any errors and fix them. You can determine the visitors originating country and if the referrer logging is enabled than it is easier to see from which website the clients are coming from, the search terms used and which pages where visited.


  • Easy installation (Windows Application)
  • Does not require installing on Apache Server
  • Color code Log lines according to status codes
  • Translate IP to Country using GeoLite Database (fast with no lookups)
  • Search for IP Address, Request String, Date, Referrer
  • Filter according to HTTP Status Code (or Range)
  • Export to text file/comma separated value, txt/csv
  • Visual Reports (Pie/Bar Charts)
  • Statistics


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