Apex SQL SSIS Compare 2008.03.0007

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Apex SQL SSIS Compare

ApexSQL SSIS Compare is a powerful application designed to help you identify differences in your SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages. The tool features fast comparison of multiple SSIS packages which makes it especially helpful for troubleshooting SSIS package problems.

Features of Apex SQL SSIS Compare

  • Compares packages from 3 various locations: SQL Server, Package Store, and Saved .dtsx files
  • ApexSQL SSIS Compare allows you to compare packages located in SQL Server and the SSIS Package store. You can also select package files (.dtsx) saved in your PC.
  • Compare multiple packages
  • You can compare two or more packages simultaneously.
  • ApexSQL SSIS Compare allows you to customize which packages to compare. You can pair packages for comparison using their names or their GUIDs. You can also manually set which packages to compare.
  • Easily create, re-use, and share Projects
  • Package parts to load and compare
  • Packages have different properties and elements. You can choose to compare just selected parts or all of them.
  • Load and compare unsecured parts of secured packages
  • Export comparison results to XML/DTSX
  • Use ApexSQL SSIS Compare’s powerful filter to customize what comparison results to display



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