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BaseNow 1.1.7

BaseNow is a universal database front-end desktop application for all Windows operating systems. Unlike other database programs, BaseNow works with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Excel, and all other ODBC and OLEDB compatible databases. The program can simultaneously display an unlimited number of heterogeneous databases combined in an intuitive user interface. It is very easy to transfer the data from one database to another – all you need to do is use the copy and paste operations just like in any text editor. The program modifies the database structure, creates SQL queries and manages relationships and indexes.

BaseNow has been carefully designed to eliminate the obstacles that keep people from using relational databases. BaseNow is an ideal solution when a fast and simple access to data is required. The data may be in the form of a text file on a local computer, in an Excel spreadsheet, or on an SQL Server located on another continent – it is all the same to the program.

Key Features:

  • It is optimized to work with remote servers using a forward-only, read-only cursor that stores all of the data in its own cache on the client.
  • BaseNow Agent is a separate component that functions as a service on Windows NT/2000 machines. It can automate and schedule all database operations you perform in BaseNow.
  • It can have connections to an unlimited number of databases.
  • Create Database Wizard can create a database in just a few steps.
  • Supports all ODBC and OLEDB compatible databases, stored locally or on a remote server.
  • Easy Copy and Paste records using heterogeneous databases as you would do with a text in every text processor.
  • Search and Replace tool makes it very easy to search through the tables and change the data depending on the query.
  • The program memorizes sortings and groupings of columns as well as all other visual settings of every table or view. Data can be displayed in Table mode, as well as in Card mode where records are displayed as cards where each card represents a record and each row in the card represents a column.
  • It has all the tools necessary for working with indexes and relationships. It creates new tables and views and modifies their structure.
  • Import/Export Wizard can transfer data between any type of database formats.
  • SQL Query Builder is a graphical user interface for generating SQL Statements by simply dragging and dropping field names you wish to see or joins between tables you wish to create.
  • BaseNow is intuitive and easy to use for the beginner and powerful enough to satisfy the most advanced users. It is a flexible and end-user-oriented database product.
  • BaseNow speeds and simplifies routine tasks database administrators must conduct everyday and enables developers and database administrators to manage and control their databases.
  • BaseNow was designed to provide an easy-to-use front-end to all database formats, and automate the database maintenance functions.
  • Quickly see all the tables and views in the database, both definition and content.
  • Has a powerful SQL query builder for building complex queries. Enter an existing SQL statement and turn it into a GUI query. Edit or create new views in the database.
  • Performs outstandingly well against all databases, from the smallest Access database to the largest enterprise systems.
  • Allows anyone to manage and administer enterprise databases remotely from any Internet-enabled PC – anytime, anywhere.
  • The program can arrange data any way you want to view it. It has a flexible search and replace functionality, filter, and multilevel sort and group functions that allow you to retrieve information easily.


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