CardioLog Lite 1.19

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CardioLog Lite 1.19

CardioLog Lite is a FREE web analytics solution for SharePoint 2007 and WSS 3.0. It is delivered with a set of basic SharePoint 2007 usage reports, with optional SharePoint report bundles.

CardioLog Lite includes an adaptor for SharePoint 2007 (and WSS 3.0) – which uses an advanced JavaScript tracking agent to monitor visitor actions such as item additions and deletions, page and document viewing, search results clicks and other Web 2.0 actions.

In addition, the adaptor identifies the structure of the SharePoint 2007 portal and enables easy reporting for specific content areas.

Specially built for authenticated environments, CardioLog Lite for SharePoint 2007 provides enhanced visitor segmentation – which is available through seamless integration with the organization’s Active Directory.

CardioLog Lite features an IIS log import tool which can be used to create reports for the period prior to the implementation of the CardioLog JavaScript tracking code.

CardioLog Lite is non intrusive, and has no dependency on any of the SharePoint services. It is a web solution which enables users to view reports in different ways. Reports can be easily integrated into portal pages by exporting them to web parts, or launched directly from the CardioLog Lite web application.



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