Chinchilla HTTP Server 1.1.0

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Chinchilla HTTP Server

Chinchilla™ is the easy way to create browser-based presentations or
powerful applications with a MS Windows look and feel. Chinchilla™ is a
tiny (3.3 MB) local HTTP server that requires
no installation and creates no registry dust. Your (D)HTML, OpenLaszlo,
or Flex RIA composes the UI, while an on-board Perl 5.10 interpreter
does the work
and provides full system access, using CGI and AJAX techniques. A
customizable browser window under full server control helps to
convincingly "fake" a real
Windows application. Chinchilla™ as a RIA runtime can be a viable
"quick and dirty" alternative to Adobe AIR. Ideally suited for
autorun.inf presentations or fancy product installers on CD/DVD.

The server binary can run
multiple, independent instances of itself, and can be synchronized with
the user´s default browser, a Windows HTA, or its own browser window:
Starting the server starts your (D)HTML application, and closing the
app window terminates the server. By renaming
Chinchilla´s .EXE file and swapping out its icon, programmers can
create "fake" MS Windows applications from humble HTML pages – all with
the proper Windows look and feel.

For beginners shying away from the learning curve of setting up a
production server, Chinchilla™ is an ideal entry-level HTTP server to
test small web sites locally. At the most basic level, Chinchilla™ requires
no configuration – just dump all your files in the directory where the
server binary lives and they are served from there. Additionally, the
server can be slowed down artificially to simulate network congestion
for testing purposes.


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