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Codec Checker 1.0

Unity support recording prompts and voice names in various codecs and ships the standard prompt set in G711 and G729a formats.  Over the course of successive upgrades, prompt set applications, codec changes and the like it can be useful to get a full accounting of which WAV files are recorded in what format.

The Codec Checker application provides a full list of all greetings, voice names and system prompts and indicates which codec they are recorded in, their sample rate and file size.  Greetings and voice names are listed in the top table (shown below) and the prompt  files are shown in the bottom table.  If multiple languages are installed, all prompt files for all languages will be shown.  With lots of greetings and multiple languages installed it can take a few minutes to process all the files at startup time, so be patient.

Once the file information is loaded in the grids, you can sort the columns in the grids to find what you’re interested in or you can export the information to CSV files for further review.  The prompt file information and greetings/voice name information are exported separately.  These options are found under the File menu.



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