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Debugger for MySQL 1.1

Debugger for MySQL offers a balanced set of advanced debugging features that will help you minimize the time needed for managing and testing even the most complex stored functions and procedures. Its unique capabilities combined with an affordable price and a steep learning curve make it an excellent choice for novices and professionals alike.

If you are looking for a “one-stop” solution that will efficiently satisfy all of your code debugging needs and provide a comfortable development environment, look no further than Debugger for MySQL – your step-by-step guide to flawless code!

Advantages and key features:

  • Efficiently debug and manage stored MySQL procedures and functions
  • Continue debugging into nested procedures and functions
  • Use conditional breakpoints
  • Use tooltip expression evaluation
  • Run SQL commands in the debugging context
  • Debug code without modifying procedures and functions on the server
  • Debug anonymous code (similar to anonymous blocks in Oracle)
  • Benefit from full Unicode support


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