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ESTARD Data Miner 3.0 Beta

ESTARD Data Miner is a comprehensive data mining software, able to discover most unexpected knowledge in your databases. In comparison to common business intelligence tools, ESTARD Data Miner is able to provide you with something more than just operating statistics – it gives you power to work with predictive analysis. The newest business intelligence methods were incorporated into ESTARD Data Miner for carrying out automated database analysis.

This software is a powerful end-to-end data mining solution. A perfect and affordable data mining tool for companies of all sizes. EDM flexibility allows to apply this data mining tool any business and science fields. Using ESTARD data mining software you will be able to:

  • Perform statistical analysis for better understanding your data
  • Reveal hidden correlations and dependencies in your databases with the help of decision rules ("If-Then" rules) and decision trees
  • Create data patterns descriptions
  • Create and implement decision models
  • Work with predictive analysis

Our data mining software also gives you tool for easy and effective using obtained knowledge. Try EDM special business intelligence features: fast case analysis or database searching with the use of decision rules and decision trees.

The performed statistical analysis will help you with insight to find most important data patterns. Thanks to built in wizards and user-friendly interface the time, necessary to start working with ESTARD Data Miner is minimized.



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