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Exchange Change Reporter 6.0

Without argument, Microsoft Exchange is the number one component for many organizations. Even one hour of e-mail downtime can cost millions of dollars to businesses and damage company credibility. Auditing changes to configuration parameters in Exchange environments is critical to ensure reliable e-mail operation and regulatory compliance. Exchange servers, mailboxes, information stores, permissions-virtually all kinds of objects must be routinely monitored to detect unauthorized changes, and a full audit trail should be kept for compliance and security incident investigation purposes.

NetWrix Exchange Change Reporter is a free auditing tool for Exchange environments that reports changes made to all Exchange Server configurations and permissions and that generates daily reports with a full list of created, deleted, and modified objects. Four basic questions are answered: What changed? How was it changed? Who did it? When?(*) Daily reports list changes made to Exchange configurations: setting changes, creation and deletion of mailboxes, information stores, servers, connectors, protocol parameters, storage groups, permission changes-everything. All reports include original and new values ("before" and "after") for all modified settings.


  • Bird’s eye view of day-to-day Exchange administrative activities to track security policy violations.
  • Auditing and reporting of all changes to Exchange objects and permissions for security and compliance – Download report sample.
  • Detection of unauthorized and unplanned changes caused by excessively delegated rights.


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