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ExInsight for Microsoft Exchange 1.1

ExInsight is a free monitoring and statistics tool that provides a real-time view of the internals of Exchange Server transactions and allows you to evaluate individual user’s usage of Exchange Server.

This tool is especially useful for Exchange administrators and developers. By using this tool, you can gather real-time data about the users in an Exchange environment and learn more about the inner workings of MAPI, OWA, POP3, IMAP4, NNTP and other protocols.

ExInsight helps you to understand how individual users affect the performance of an Exchange Server, analyze application usage of Microsoft Exchange, and guide troubleshooting of applications that depend on Microsoft Exchange.

ExInsight consists of two tools: Activity Statistics and Transaction Monitor . These tools allow you to monitor users’ activity on multiple Exchange servers from any computer in the network.

Activity Statistics:
This tool enables administrators to view statistics about individual users’ consumptions of Exchange Server resources and the users’ actual experiences. Shown on a user-by-user basis, this tool allows you to see the following information:

  • Protocols used by the clients (MAPI, OWA, POP3, IMAP or NNTP)
  • CPU usage (CPU time, CPU percentage)
  • Number of messages sent, received or created
  • IP addresses used by the clients (only for MAPI clients)
  • Microsoft Office Outlook versions and mode, such as Cached Exchange Mode and the classic online mode

Transaction Monitor:
This tool displays a continuous communication between any computer and Exchange Server, helping to guide troubleshooting of applications that depend on Exchange. You can view and log every Exchange Server transaction, applying filters and highlighting to pinpoint trouble areas.

Transaction Monitor shows accounts requesting the data, the names and locations of the objects queried in Exchange, timings and transaction results. This tool also provides simplified summaries and links with detailed diagnostic information for each transaction.


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