FlySpeed Data Export 5.0

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FlySpeed Data Export

FlySpeed Data Export is a useful Data Export tool for generic usage. Discover why users consider it to be the head of its line, suitable for exporting from a database or from a document. Being able to use all major formats, such as the Oracle, MSSQL and MySQL databases, as well as all major text and spreadsheet document types, FlySpeed Data Export should be your one and only companion.

Features of FlySpeed Data Export

  • Exporting data from SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, dBASE and any other ODBC or OLE DB compatible data source.
  • Exporting data to most popular formats: CSV, Text, MS Excel, MS Access, XML and DBF.
  • Multiprocessor systems optimization: Exporting data from several tables at the same time.
  • High performance, low memory utilization, optimized for large databases.
  • Selecting fields to export and changing their order.
  • Wide range of configuration options for each data format.
  • Saving all export parameters to the project file for repeated use.
  • Simple and convenient graphical user interface.



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