iNewPHP 5.27

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iNewPHP is made for PHP programmers that enables to run PHP web applications directly from CD or other media.It is a completely portable web server that includes PHP 5 and a web browser. You can distribute it with your PHP web applications on CD or other media and It is the perfect portable development environment for PHP and SQLite.


  •     It is a completely portable PHP web server.
  •     Includes PHP 5.2.12, SQLite 3.6.21 and a web browser.
  •     Includes Zend Optimizer 3.3.3 and ionCube PHP Loader 3.1.32.
  •     It is mostly orientated for lite sites so MySQL is not included.
  •     Supports many PHP extensions (e.g. gd) by default.
  •     You can run it directly from any location without installation.
  •     Its window will show the respective webpage.
  •     It is the perfect portable PHP development environment.
  •     Program PHP on any computer.
  •     Mobile PHP portfolio for job interview.
  •     Create a program demo.
  •     Run PHP as a desktop application.
  •     Show your friends how cool PHP is.
  •     You can re-brand and customize it with your product name and icon.
  •     You can distribute it with your applications on CD or other media.


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