JumpBox for LimeSurvey Online Surveys 1.1.4

205.5 MB
Operating System
Windows Vista Windows Xp
Server Tools

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JumpBox for LimeSurvey Online Surveys

LimeSurvey is a survey engine that enables you to create and deliver surveys on the web. A well-crafted survey enables you to tap valuable insights in your employees, customers and potential customers to improve your products, increase sales and provide better customer service.

Features of JumpBox for LimeSurvey Online Surveys

  • Run unlimited number of surveys with unlimited number of questions and participants.
  • Conduct multi-lingual surveys.
  • Use enhanced import and export functions including text, CSV, PDF, SPSS, R, queXML and MS Excel formats.
  • Rapidly create and distribute surveys to extract valuable insight from employees, customers and potential customers.
  • Export survey results in various formats for further analysis in a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Numbers.
  • Build in conditional logic to create a custom stream of questions that intelligently adapts as the respondent answers.
  • Host the surveys as publicly-available for anyone to respond or lock it down for private submission only with invite codes.
  • Appreciate screen reader accessiblity and W3C compliance.



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