JumpBox for the WordPress Blogging System 1.1

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Windows Vista Windows Xp
Server Tools

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JumpBox for the Wordpress Blogging System 1.1

Wordpress is one of the worlds most popular blog publishing applications. Create a blog and communicate directly with your audience online. Publish commentary, receive comments, share video and more with this blog publishing system.

WordPress makes publishing content a breeze. Simply insert your posts title, text, and imagery into the included WordPress text editor and publish. The open source design of WordPress allows you to extend its functionality and your capability beyond standard publishing however, thousands of plugins are available to fit your message, need, and personality. For instance, you can add a calendar, take polls, and display pictures to engage your audience right from you blog’s site. Start your blog with the blogging application trusted by organizations like CNN, Dow Jones, Fox Television, and Time Magazine. The JumpBox for WordPress makes it easy.

A traditional installation of WordPress requires access to a web server, as well as installation and configuration of dependencies like PHP and MySQL. While some consider installing WordPress to be easy, the JumpBox for WordPress is pre-built and pre-configured, making your task even easier. Want to test new blog designs and functionality? A JumpBox is a completely self-contained instance that provides you the perfect platform for testing.

A JumpBox packages an application’s software, dependencies, and application data into a single virtual appliance that deploys locally, or hosted to major virtualization, and cloud computing platforms. Deploy on Windows, Mac, or Linux using virtualization platforms like VMware, Xen, Parallels, Virtual Iron, Microsoft Virtualization, and Amazon EC2.

Among other enhanced features, a JumpBox provides:

  • An intuitive user interface to quickly guide users through deployment.
  • A web-based control panel for simplified management of system functions.
  • A backup system that enables data security and portability.


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