MAPILab Reports for Exchange Server 3.1

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MAPILab Reports for Exchange Server 3.1

MAPILab Reports for Exchange is a software solution for reports on Exchange servers’ activity and messaging. Over 170 product reports are designed to assist you in mailing system parameters monitoring, resources optimization, mailbox and message content analysis, preparation for upgrade and migration, safety audit and accidents investigation. The product is easily implemented in any business environment due to the agentless data collection and the possibility of installation on an average workstation.

Mapilab Reports for Exchange Server is one of our solutions for creating reports, and its purpose is exchange monitoring based on the data gathered from tracking logs of the Exchange server, Active Directory and users’ mailboxes. As opposed to other exchange server monitoring solutions which primary purpose is efficient monitoring of the Exchange-server based environment’s current state, MAPILab Reports for Exchange allows to receive a wide range of Exchange reports, both for estimating the current state and for predicting the development of the whole mailing system.

Exchange reporting system with Mapilab Reports for Exchange can be easily integrated into the current IT-infrastructure control system and become a useful tool for the IT-staff.


  • Agentless data collection
  • Powerful filter system
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Easy product implementation
  • 30-days trial period
  • Automated report generation
  • Adjustable report form



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