Mediabrowser2 1.1 Beta 2

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Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Xp
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Mediabrowser2 is an advanced but slim Dot.Net 2.0 database, viewer and browser for raster images and directshow videos. It is based on an SQLite Database with the ability to arrange the media items in categories. Common tools like VirtualDub, AviSynth or Lame can easily be integraded to play-back and edit all your media files within this tool. It is optimized for the processing of media data from modern digital cameras that have the capability to record photo, sound and video data.


  • Freeware and Open Source (GPL) with a robust Database Model
  • Organize JPG, PNG, GIF Images and DirectShow Videos in a SQLite Database
  • All changes are stored in the Database. No changes are made to the media files.
  • Mediaitems have multiple virtual layers with edit parameters for crop, rotate, RGB levels, gamma, hue and saturation
  • Extra large thumbnails
  • Automatic play sound files from the camera while viewing images (same filename, relative or db extra data)
  • Organize Mediaitems in a category tree
  • Quick organize from viewer
  • Auto categorize by exif date
  • Set privacy level with Roles
  • Bookmark and Trashfolder Container
  • Complete EXIF Information
  • Add extra data like documents or soundfiles – relative or stored in the database
  • Full database search – filters may affect all other work
  • Integration of extern image and video tools like VirtualDub, AviSynth, XNView…
  • Normal and multi image viewer
  • HTML export with Ajax Tree



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