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MetaCompress 2.4

MetaCompress will make your site work faster in many times and increase your site accessibility owing to its content compression algorithm.

Did you ask yourself why the most of search engines (Google, Yahoo etc.) provide on fly access to their resources? Such sites compress their content as much as it possible so they provide quick reliable access to their content for millions of users in a trice. MetaCompress can increase the working speed of a web server in a 3-5 times.

MetaCompress is an ISAPI filter for IIS (Internet Information Server). Most of the web browsers, including the most popular Microsoft Internet Explorer, can access compressed content of web sites as well as ordinary HTML pages. If a site packed with MetaCompress is accessed by a client browser supporting compressed content MetaCompress packs text on the fly. Otherwise, MetaCompress leave required content uncompressed.


  • Increases the pages loading speed in a 3 – 5 times;
  • Saves the internet traffic on 20 – 60% ( depending on site content );
  • Supports compression using HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1 protocols;
  • Supports compression in secure mode (HTTPS);
  • Now you are in non-secure mode. Go to secure mode.
  • Create and analyze logs of the compression activities;
  • Full compliance with HTML pages, ASP scripts, CGI applications, and ISAPI extensions;
  • Easily configured. Ability to change settings without restarting;
  • Simplified install and uninstall process;
  • Supports compression of streaming content such as SHTML, SHTM, STM;
  • Supports compression of any content type, not only text.


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