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MySQL Administrator is a powerful visual
administration console that enables you to easily administer your MySQL
environment and gain significantly better visibility into how your
databases are operating.

MySQL Administrator now integrates
database management and maintenance into a seamless, single
environment, with an intuitive and clear graphical user interface.

By using MySQL Administrator you will be able to:
– Achieve higher database availability through improved management
– Reduce errors through visual database administration
– Lower database administration costs through improved productivity
– Deliver a more secure environment through easier privilege management

Administrator enables developers and DBAs to easily perform all the
command line operations visually including configuring servers,
administering users, and dynamically monitoring database health.

common administrative tasks such as monitoring replication status,
backup and restore, and viewing logs can also be performed through the
MySQL Administrator graphical console.

User Administration in Minutes
users, granting privileges and viewing user privilege information has
never been easier! Now you can leverage the full power of MySQL’s user
management and privilege capabilities to fully protect your MySQL
server host using an integrated graphical user administration console.

example, a form-based interface provides a simple method for adding
users, assigning passwords and including user profile information.
Plus, assigning and revoking global, database, and table/column
privileges is as easy as adding and removing privilege items from an
available list. Finally, an explorer interface provides a hierarchical
view allowing you to easily view user privileges by privilege type.

Single View Dynamic Health Monitoring
health monitoring gives you an immediate view into the key indicators
of the health of your MySQL environment. Dynamic graphs enable you to
easily view percentage of memory usage, connection usage, hit rates, as
well as the number of SQL queries on an ongoing basis, as your system

The Disk Health tab gives you an overview of the amount
of hard disk space, tablespace, and log files being used. You can also
use the visual health monitoring feature to get a hierarchical view
into status and server variables such as the number of outstanding
connections, number of bytes sent and received by clients, buffer
allocations size and more.

Quickly Optimize MySQL
Administrator now allows you to easily view and setup key parameters so
you can quickly optimize the performance of MySQL. Using a graphical
forms-based environment, you quickly fine tune general and advanced
parameters. For example you can set memory usage parameters and
configure server start-up parameters related to the InnoDB and InnoDB
table types.

Rapid Disaster Prevention and Recovery
you can rapidly create consistent backups and restore data by simply
visually selecting the schemas and tables you want to back/restore from
your hierarchical data directory. The graphical environment gives you
additional visibility into Tabletype, Rows, Data Length, and Update

Server Information At-a-Glance
The server
information section of MySQL Administrator allows you to quickly view
basic information about the server and client. This view gives you
immediate visibility into items such as server status, client and
server version numbers and IP address, as well as connection

View Replication Status
Now you can
quickly set up replication to increase the robustness and speed of your
MySQL environment. The replication features within MySQL Administrator
allow you to easily view the network topology of your replication
master and slaves. Plus, the graphical environment provides additional
visibility into IP addresses and logfiles.

View Server Logs from a Centralized Administration Environment
you can view all the MySQL log files including error logs, binary logs,
and InnoDB logs from a single, centralized administration environment
so you can diagnose server problems quicker and track database changes.

Service Control
complete control of service creation and overcome the time consuming
task of installing and setting up services. Plus, start and stop MySQL
servers and view corresponding log messages.

Browse Catalog
your catalog and view corresponding tables with columns, all indices
and users with privileges to access selected databases. From here you
can monitor and optimize tables.

Cross Platform
Administrator will initially be available for Microsoft Windows and
Linux, and be compatible with MySQL version 4.0 or later.


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