Orasis Mapping Studio Database Edition

Orasis Mapping Studio 2009 is a comprehensive Object to Database Mapping Tool that builds your Data Access code from the ground up.

Writing data access code or using frameworks and ORM layers has always been a challenge for developers and that is the problem the Orasis Mapping Studio addresses. Through a visual toolset and the power of code generation, Orasis Mapping Studio offers a new approach to mapping relational data and objects.

No more struggling with frameworks and black boxes; Orasis Mapping Studio provides a clean, fast and open way to build your data-access libraries. It is a tool by developers for developers!

Reduces the amount of coding

  • Map relationships between SQL queries and your objects visually.
  • Pure, non-proprietary data access classes are generated dynamically.
  • Build queries visually with a powerful query designer.
  • Built-in Unit Testing capability.

Ensure data quality and performance

  • Execute all data access code with built-in Unit Test Workbench – no need to write unit tests at all.
  • Quickly validate all data access code.
  • Analyze performance at any transaction level without writing any code.
  • Test the raw database server response as well as the actual code that executes the SQL.
  • No need to worry if the unknown dynamic SQL will perform.
  • Test with different middleware provides without writing a line of code.

Comprehensive data tier management

  • Monitor and manage the progress of your database tier in one solution.
  • Move database access methods from one class to another with a simple click.
  • Easily tune database access methods – simply modify your mapping and compile.
  • Makes maintainability a breeze – just open the project add more mappings.

Facilitate proper architecture and design

  • Target business requirements directly by mapping directly to queries.
  • Data tier isolation – design a database access layer that can be isolated from the business logic.

Utilize existing class libraries

  • Enhance your investment in class libraries that currently implement your data relationships – map directly into your existing .Net classes.
  • Perform true (N) level nested mappings into existing classes.

Leverage existing skill sets of developers, business analysts and DBAs

  • No need to fund the learning curve of complex query languages and frameworks.
  • Bring multiple skill sets into one place to solve data issues and eliminate redundant operations.
  • Business analyst can test the validity of data before you develop any GUI or back-end services.


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